Impetus Auction Co is a full service real-estate auction company that excels in the retail real-estate auction market. As a licensed brokerage Impetus has the ability to maximize the value of property, by using proprietary methods developed and perfected over the past ten years.


Impetus utilizes strategic partnerships with the south west’s most successful personal property firm as well as being the exclusive Auction arm for Berkshire Hathaway (Arizona, Nevada, and California). Jason Stancill is also a regular host on one of the nation’s top financial radio stations (MONEY RADIO), giving Impetus an unparalleled level of credibility and expertise.


With 2017-2019 being positioned as potently the most active real-estate market in years, Impetus is the leader in retail auctions as well as a skilled professional in probate, bankruptcy, and all forms of distressed property sales. This gives Impetus a unique foot hold in the market regardless of its condition.


Impetus Auction Co. uses proprietary technology and methods to sell real-estate in a finite amount of time for the highest price possible. This allows our clients to make clear plans on the next moves in their life. Instead of just putting a sign in the yard and adding it to a long list of listings, Impetus shines a focused spot light on the featured property with a dedicated team that runs the sale from start to finish. The customer receives a specific timeline from when the agreement is signed to when the funds will be distributed at close of escrow. This comes with a very comprehensive and aggressive marketing program that without the constant attention, the formula will not work. We keep our pitch packets and agreements very confidential as there is a substantial value in the formula we have developed to perform with accurate success. (Forms, pitch packets, and guidelines of process may be available if needed)