Our team has over 15 years in the Asset Disposition and Real-Estate business. This company was founded on the principle of doing all that needs to be done in order to achieve the highest price for all types of asset classes, especially real-estate. We are well versed in the banking and financial service industries.  We know and use the most efficient and profitable ways to sell real-estate, personal property, and intellectual assets. Impetus Properties utilizes traditional platforms, strategic partnerships, and the AUCTION METHOD OF MARKETING. It is a top priority that our sellers are successful in meeting their goals. Success requires a clear understanding of what they need, what they want, and the best approach in order to achieve the desired result.



Jason Stancill

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Jason started in the auction business when he was fifteen years old. Working as a runner for a national auto auction, Jason was instantly hooked by the many benefits auctions can have for sellers. Jason attended Arizona State University, majoring in Global Business with a particular affinity for “the art of the deal.”  While in college, he began to work in top 40 radio and was able to use his talents to hone and perfect his ability to sell. After school and his time on air, Jason joined an international auction and real-estate firm based in Phoenix, AZ. He quickly rose through the ranks and found himself as the youngest Senior VP on the team. Jason was instrumental in the biggest advancements the company had ever seen.

Setting record breaking real-estate and asset auctions, Jason created the largest in-house profit in the company’s history. Jason was chosen out of a national search, becoming the star of the TLC reality show Auctioneer$. After his thirteen year career as the most successful deal maker in the Phoenix based firm, the timing could not have been better to start Impetus Properties, LLC. Jason also hosts several shows on Money Radio, and is widely considered one of the top authorities in the asset and real-estate disposition world. Jason's expertise and advice has been featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and many others.


Timothy Arbolida

Co-Founder/Designated Broker

Tim's experience incorporates over two decades in corporate America, including a prominent career with a Fortune 500 company. His background includes engineering and technical problem solving. While in the corporate world, Tim was solely responsible for several technology systems that many companies use today. One specific example includes an Eco-friendly and cost efficient way to streamline the gaming feature with the Phoenix based company Peter Piper Pizza. His invention has saved the company millions of dollars and will continue to do so for years to come. He brings his technical and operational planning background to Impetus Properties.  Tim undoubtedly gives us the strategic mindset that many firms in our sector lack. Tim has also spent a better part of the last ten years working with Jason on the real-estate side of the auction business. Obtaining his Real Estate Broker’s license in late 2014,  Tim was preparing for the launch of this firm. Tim brings a wealth of knowledge in both the secondary and retail real-estate marketplace.